Intelligent bot-assistant

Intelligent bot-Assistant: Features and capabilities

In today's world, the interaction of companies with their clients is transformed under the influence of the latest technologies. For example, such a tool as intelligent bot-Assistant is in great demand. It is developed using artificial intelligence technologies and is designed to simplify the process of client communication with the company (and vice versa). The A&A company also specializes in developing the mentioned bot applications. Therefore, if you want to optimize your business with the help of a similar IT product, you can order it from us.

Features and features of the smart Bot development

Speaking of this tool, it is worth noting, first of all, what it differs from the Messenger bot. Despite the similar principle of functioning, the second option is installed only in messengers, and intelligent bot-Assistant can be developed for any online platform – for example, the site of your online store.

Bot functionality depends on your request and the proposed budget. The standard aspects associated with development provide:

  • Configuring the necessary communication channels;
  • Setting up storage bases of clients;
  • The minimum structure for the algorithm that the bot will work on.

Answering the basic question about what a intelligent bot-assistant is needed for, it is impossible to drill down and to reduce his work to one function. The key task is automation and convenience of company interaction with the client. And the directions and ways of implementation of the mentioned goal may be different. These questions are discussed in detail with the customer, before proceeding to the development of a particular assistant bot.

Our advantages

A&A specialists offer a lot of relevant services in the field of IT, which are able to optimize the work of modern companies. When accepting an order, we provide the client with:

  • Competent individual approach;
  • loyalty of prices;
  • Execution of order for the development of modern IT-tools in a reasonable time.

Improve your business with us!

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