Messenger Bots: Effective and operational development from A&A

Software developed using artificial intelligence technologies has become quite popular nowadays. The programs used in messengers were called messenger-bots. They can have a variety of functions – depending on what the developers have in their algorithms. For example, bots can contribute to the following tasks:

  • dissemination of necessary information;
  • Recommendations to clients;
  • Distribution
  • Assistance in choosing goods or services (this concerns the answers to same type questions, where it is possible to do without human participation).

Messenger-Bots are very popular for the reason that they allow to automate many processes, providing the effective technical support of users. This offloads employees of the company, allowing its leadership to involve human labor in more complex, intellectual and creative activities.

Specialists of A&A Company offer clients development of messenger-bots of different formats. We are ready to help you in choosing the IT-product that will maximally effectively solve the tasks you have voiced. And when ordering, we carefully think over the algorithm of the functioning of the bot, so that it really facilitates the work of your company.

Variety of messenger-bots

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the kinds of messenger-bots. This will give the opportunity to better understand what kind of tool from the listed is suitable for your business. So:

  • Advertising catalogue. This bot is embedded in the Messenger and allows you to choose and buy goods.
  • Bot with delivery. Here options include selection of goods and the registration of its delivery.
  • Intelligent Bot. Such IT-tool has advanced functionality. For example, an intelligent bot algorithm can provide answers to simple recurring questions and redirect a customer to communicate with a live consultant if his questions are from another category.
  • A site amplifier that promotes sales. Bot interacts with visitors and complements the main functionality of the site. Thus, increased involvement.
  • Info-base. The bot is embedded in the Messenger and provides access to the database.
  • Collector subscribers. The purpose of its embedding in the Messenger is to attract new subscribers, as well as keep the old ones.
  • Chat Assistant. Bot algorithm provides a series of actions aimed at helping the user.

You can order from the specialists of the company A&A any of the listed types of Messenger-robots. And if at the moment it is difficult for you to decide on what is best to serve your business, we are ready to advise and help to make the most effective choice.

Advantages of Messenger-bots and our services

Automation of business processes is not just a fashionable modern trend. This is a real opportunity to more effectively use the work of their specialists. Minor repetitive tasks can be attributed to automation. And serious and creative – to the industry, where the creativity and professionalism of the employees manifest.

If you trust the development of the messenger-bots of the company A&A, you get the following advantages of our work, as:

  • Understanding of IT trends and needs, voiced by customers;
  • Professionalism and reasonable efficiency in fulfillment of your order;
  • Justified prices.

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