CRM/ERP Systems

CRM/ERP System – New opportunities for business automation

The transition of many business processes in the automated mode is a modern IT-trend that promotes entrepreneurship and facilitates their work. CRM and ERP systems are software that is intended to serve the purpose mentioned above. We bring to your attention information about the peculiarities of these systems, their functions and differences.

ERP system

An abbreviation ERP comes from Enterprise Resource Planning, which means "enterprise resource management". This system, in fact, is a large-scale database that combines the operation of all key divisions of the company, namely:

  • Accounting
  • Procurement Department;
  • HR, etc.

The information that contains the system enables to perform a lot of tasks that are relevant for the enterprise in simple and automated mode. Such as:

  • Planning of the volume of raw materials procured;
  • Employee recruitment plan;
  • Implementation of relevant projects related to the improvement equipment;
  • Other measures that are needed to ensure that the company is coherent and functioning efficiently.

As you can see, these systems are able to significantly assist in the work of modern companies.

CRM system

When considering all the nuances related to the functioning of CRM systems, it is also necessary to start with a review of their abbreviations. It comes from the Customer Relations Management phrase and means "customer relationship management". Such systems, on the principle of its functioning, are full information systems that allow to carry out transactions related to customer interaction. This cycle of operations covers all necessary stages of communication – starting with a client's acquaintance with the company and ending with commercial offer.

Development of CRM and ERP systems is an important direction of A&A. Our specialists have extensive experience in software development of this type. Therefore, they will develop high-quality automated systems taking into account the specifics of your business.

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